One of Hottest for 6kva Diesel Generator - 2KW Diesel Generator Single Phase 220V Three Phase – Excalibur

Model S2000D/ S4000D/ S5000D/ S6500D/ S7500D/ S8500D/ S10000D/
S2000D3 S4000D3 S5000D3 S6500D3 S7500D3 S8500D3 S10000D3
Frequency 50/60HZ
Rated output kva 110, 120, 220, 230, 240    220/380
Max output kva 1.8/2.0 2.8/3.0 4.2/4.6 4.6/5.0 5.0/5.5 6.0/6.5 8.5/9.0
DC output 2.0/2.2 3.0/3.3 4.6/5.0 5.0/5.5 5.5/6.0 6.5/7.0 9.0/10.0
Power factor 12V-8.3A
Noise level db 1.0/0.8( THREE PHASE)
Engine model 77
Fuel tank capacity (L) S170F S178F S186F S186FA S188FB S192F SV292F
Continuous running time (H) 12月14日 9月8日 6.5/5.5 6.0/5.0 5.5/5.0 5.0/4.5 12
Starting system Manual start/Electric start
Packing size mm 760*520*620 885*650*745
N.W KG 58 74 95 95 100 105 107


• The alternator comes from the top brand in China, and generator
adopts reliable control panel with better anti-vibrating function and stable frame design. Each generator set is strictly examined and rigorous tested, which assures the perfect performance.

• Every generator model can be equipped with 8″9″ and 10″wheels, in order to satisfy different user’s needs and working environment

• All the above models can be equipped with: a,ATS uninterruptible power supplies system, so the user can get
stable power supply at any time b,The remote controller enables easier on and off job, this is
particularly convenient for the applications without access c,Digital multifunctional panel and smart panel, enables the
generater’s status clear to the user


Jiangsu Excalibur power machinery Co., Ltd is an expert specialized in manufacturing:
• 3-25hp gasoline engines, diesel engines, kerosene and LPG engines
• Gasoline and diesel water pump ranging from 1″ to 6″
• Gasoline and diesel generator 1-15kw
• Light construction machinery including plate compactor, power trowel, concrete cutter, tamper rammer, cement mixer
•Portable agricultural machinery: power tiller, power sprayer
Excalibur has a modern standard workshop of 27000m2, 8 advanced automated assembly line, which ensure annual output of 30000 sets light construction machines, 150000 sets engines, 5000 sets generators and water pump.
We have 51 units hydraulic dynamometer, 6 units top-ranking domestic Eddy Current detecting platform, and all kinds of common gauges.Because of these up-to-date equipments that we can ensure the machines are strictly tested one by one, Apart from that, we ahve various sheet weldering equipments and mechanical processing devices or construction machinery production.

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